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The Reverend Who Broke Our Hearts

Photo by: 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

I think back to the day the Rev spoke at my church about how as a man he could never understand the pain unwed pregnant girls and women went through. “How dare I be so arrogant to even try?” he said.

He said his job was only to listen, learn and to support girls and women in their time of need. No matter their decision.

It was that level of humility and respect for women that floored me the most. That he loved women in all the right ways. Like my father.

But where was that man when he had sex with a 14-year-old girl hundreds of times? 

I no longer allow myself to hold space for my once-favorite visiting reverend. For a man of the cloth who helped me feel less cynical about organized religion because he shared my values.

That person died for me long before he tragically took his own life. I mourn the soul death of my favorite reverend. But I do not forgive.

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Laura G Owens

Writer. Blogger. Essayist. My focus is wellness, social commentary and personal essays that explore the messiness of being human. Our ambivalence. Our uncomfortable feelings that when revealed, shed shame and reveal our authentic selves.

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