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Religious Schools That Ban and Expel Kids Aren’t Christ-Like.

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I’m genuinely confused why Master’s Academy won’t answer my email, message and tags on Facebook.

Here’s their policy as posted on Orlando Sentinel reporter Annie Martin’s Twitter account years ago:

Since the school still has the policy, it clearly stands by it. Why not defend itself to little ole me?

I have no power. I might even seem like a bully. Master’s might get some sympathy donations from people who see them as doing God’s work.

Keeping out the gays and all the other abominations of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Pure hearts and minds for our impressionable youth. Straighten up. If you kill yourself for being rejected by the school and your parents, so sad. God loved you and tried to heal your pain. You just didn’t listen to Him hard enough.

The righteous shall prevail in closeting or converting or as one woman on my Facebook page commented to me, “Laura God loves everyone! He hates seeing homosexuals bullied! They just need to stop having homosexual sex and become heterosexual to align with Christ!”


I’m a fearless bulldog about religious bigotry, especially when it hurts kids.

What if Master’s denied black people or the blue eyed? See how well that illogical statement would sit with them.

But that’s different Laura. The Bible says it’s okay to be black or blue-eyed!

If you need the Bible to tell you what to think, you’re missing all the benefits of thinking for yourself. The Bible should only be a reminder for you to be kind, loving and — inclusive.

Master’s and all Christian schools, stop hurting kids with your disgusting discriminatory policy and I’ll gladly shut up.

Until then, I’ll go after you with every poison pen in my power.


Hey Master’s you know what you can do with your Leviticus 20:13 and Romans 1:27 references in your policy?

I say repent. You shall find peace in practicing an inclusive loving heart. Laura Owens 10:15.

Laura G Owens

Writer. Blogger. Essayist. My focus is wellness, social commentary and personal essays that explore the messiness of being human. Our ambivalence. Our uncomfortable feelings that when revealed, shed shame and reveal our authentic selves.

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