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Are you afraid to fire your doctor?

Healers heal with more than their medicine. Bedside manner sinks into our reactive minds and cells and makes a difference – Laura

This summer at the beach I found out I had the dreaded shingles (Here’s my shingles story and how I got rid of this nasty crud).

I’m 47ish, healthy and not under extreme stress. My case was fortunately mild, likely caused by adrenal fatigue diagnosed recently. I felt pretty sh…..y for a while. But what I want to ponder in this post is how we’re treated by medical professionals, our healers. Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and the like.

Respect them I always say, and they will more than likely respect you.


Some do, some don’t.  It’s all about the white coat ego my friend, the ego.

What I know after 25 years and moving radically (but not blindly) away from mainstream medicine and into holistic/integrative, is many in the medical DO NOT LIKE to be questioned, ever.

I once had a male Ob-Gyn ask me, “Who let you get a mammogram at 30?”

Hellooo mister doctor man who doesn’t own breasts. My girl body. When we’re talking penis and prostate health, you pick your tests on that one.

I’m adopted. No family history. Also, a doctor found a lump on my ride breast in my twenties and referred me to an oncologist (fibrocystic, benign thank God). Later another doc suggested I get a mammo at 30 (now I don’t get mammos I do MRI’s and thermograms in lieu of the radiation and compression, but that’s another story).

Mr. No Early Mammo doc and I had a few restrained but defensive words. He said these kinds of too soon tests were a burden on the system. In not exact words I said his attitude was a burden on me.  

Dare to question the great white coat and you just might get your bold little hand slapped for straying outside the lines.

Please believe me that I don’t go into my appointments ready for battle with any doctor. I smile and say hello, nice to meet you. I’m respectful and eager, sometimes supremely nervous until what I say to my doctor has her treating me a like a five year old who needs to behave.

Talk down to me and oh, it’s on. Continue reading….

Laura G Owens

Writer. Blogger. Essayist. My focus is wellness, social commentary and personal essays that explore the messiness of being human. Our ambivalence. Our uncomfortable feelings that when revealed, shed shame and reveal our authentic selves.

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