The now world famous sunshine vitamin is more than merely a nice have, ultimately D converts to a hormone and hormones have the power to unlock a long list of processes in your body — I mean long.  Made primarily from your skin’s exposure to sun or through supplementation, if you’re low in D you […]

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An Orlando Sentinel reader wrote the following opinion letter: (Gov) Scott should stand steady Comparing same-sex marriage and integration is like comparing apples and oranges (Letters, Wednesday, JoAnn Lee Frank). There are many people in the state of Florida who find the subject of gay marriage to be one of the many serious ills that […]

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Laura G Owens on March 5th, 2014

  (Rachel Fryer, 32, made a court appearance from the jail Thursday to face the new charges: felony murder, aggravated child abuse, evidence tampering and mishandling human remains. (George Skene, Orlando Sentinel / February 27, 2014) I once told my friend Carol no one has the right to have kids, we only have the right to want them. She shot me an […]

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Laura G Owens on March 4th, 2014

“There should be a common body of facts that everybody can agree on and yet have a difference of opinion……It’s important to make a distinction between beliefs that people hold and the facts.” ~ Dana Milbank National Political Columnist, Washington Post. We don’t like to admit we’re wrong, our ego flinches automatically.  Admitting we’re wrong after […]

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