Hormone Replacement

(Photo credit: Sally Howard) Hormone replacement understandably, (but needlessly), scares women to death. Should we worry? Should we suffer from peri, pre or menopausal symptoms (or from surgical menopausal symptoms?) NO. When women ask me if bioidentical hormones are safe and if they’re safer than synthetic hormones (Premarin, Provera, birth control as hormone replacement (HRT) etc.) […]

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    (Photo credit: Sally Howard) For women who need hormone replacement, bioidentical hormones can offer a safe alternative to synthetic estrogen and progesterone. Traditional hormone replacement therapy has become the standard protocol for women as they approach menopause or for women who have a total hysterectomy. Yet not every peri or full menopausal woman […]

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Laura G Owens on July 26th, 2011

Photo credit: Ambro Head to your doctor because you’ve been feeling off, forgetful, sweaty, waking up in the middle of the night, increasingly stressed, unfocused, irritable and she might tell you you’re in peri or in full menopause. Or perhaps you’ve had a complete hysterectomy and your doctor wants you on hormone replacement therapy. Or, maybe […]

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(Flickr, Photo credit) Testosterone, an androgen hormone, can provide numerous health benefits including improving libido in menopausal women and women with diminished testosterone. Click here for testosterone and other hormone testing kits Click here for testosterone testing kit Testosterone isn’t just for men. In fact, this androgen hormone is produced in small amounts in women’s […]

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