Laura G Owens on April 16th, 2014

Great article (linked below) on why the traditional branches of the Catholic and Mormon church can’t sustain themselves unless they reform to include women. “The contradictions are non-sustainable.” Some of my friends, from their polite silence, likely find my feminist, new-age, optimistic, this-too-shall-be-overcome attitude regarding social change non-sustainable.   I’ll cop to being the annoying […]

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Laura G Owens on March 4th, 2014

“There should be a common body of facts that everybody can agree on and yet have a difference of opinion……It’s important to make a distinction between beliefs that people hold and the facts.” ~ Dana Milbank National Political Columnist, Washington Post. We don’t like to admit we’re wrong, our ego flinches automatically.  Admitting we’re wrong after […]

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Image source: By zole4, published on 17 September 2011 My teen daughter, once a frequent flyer at church with children and youth programs, now has to be dragged to church once a month. Sleep wins. I’m now fine with this. I’ve largely left mainstream religion and am leaning towards joining our Unitarian Universalist. My love […]

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