I had a nervous breakdown a few years ago. Insomnia was the reason. It got so bad I started looking for microscopic “bugs” on my skin every night with a magnifying glass. I was convinced little white “bugs” were biting and crawling all over me. I was slowly going mad. The bug sensation I later […]

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A sleep hormone produced by the pineal gland may improve sleep issues in children with autism, resulting in an improvement of the day to day dynamics for the entire family. Americans are tired. About 40 million suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, with an additional 20-30 million affected by intermittent sleep-related problems. Yet for children with […]

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Photo credit: Dundee Photographics Is your teenager staring at some form of a screen late into the evening? If so, she might be disrupting her sleep patterns. While most teens stay up late, a study found that the amount and timing of morning light can alter a child’s natural nighttime sleep cycle. Lack of exposure to […]

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